The San Diego and Arizona Railway is an American railroad founded by John D. Spreckels. Due to the incredibly difficult tactical and logistical architectural challenges involved, the railroad was consequently nicknamed “The Impossible Railroad”. The construction of the railroad was not particularly accepted by everyone, even nature. Construction of the railroad saw attacks from Mexican revolutionaries on construction crews and floods washed out several rail lines. The 148 mile long railroad was constructed in order to provide a direct link to the Southern Pacific Railroad. The railway was eventually sold by Spreckels to The Southern Pacific railroad, though.
The San Diego and Arizona Railway offers many interesting discussion points and facts. An incredible 50 miles of the railroad runs through the tiny Mexican peninsula of Baja California. One of the trestles located on the railway, The Goat Canyon Trestle, is the longest wooden trestle ever constructed. This trestle is only one of many located on the railway, however. The railway goes through 21 magnificent tunnels over an incredible 14 trestles in just a mere 11 mile stretch of the railroad. Unfortunately, in 1976, terrible luck struck the architectural masterpiece. A devastating hurricane, Hurricane Kathleen, obliterated major portions of the railway.