While for many people, the terms “Streetcar” and “Railcar” conjure pleasant images of a quaint history filled with men in top-hats and women in hoop-skirts, for residents of San Diego, these words mean so much more. Streetcars are very much alive in San Diego, and are a moving piece of history. Streetcars, or as they are more commonly called, Trolleys, still service residents of San Diego, as well as the many tourists.

While mainly a tourist attraction, Trolleys are quickly becoming a popular mode of transportation for many San Diego citizens, rather than taxis, buses, or even cars. The Market Street Railway is quickly becoming one of the leading companies in bringing back this important part of history. From San Diego all the way to San Francisco, Streetcars are making a comeback, and San Diego residents love it!

Trolleys, Streetcars, and Cable cars were the vehicles of choice in the late twenties and early thirties, until the automobile started gaining popularity. Streetcars were cast to the wayside, left in the dust by the increasingly celebrated motorcar. These tracks and stations were salvaged somehow and while many stations are now museums, restaurants and gift shops, some are still in use today.